Top Most Beautiful Places In Cameroon

Cameroon is a beautiful country with an amazing variety of landscapes. There are plenty of places (Most Beautiful Places In Cameroon) you can visit in Cameroon, but these are my top picks:

1. Waza National Park

Waza National Park is a national park in Cameroon. It is one of the most important protected areas in Africa, and it’s home to some truly amazing wildlife.

The park is also known as “the Gorilla Forest” due to its rich biodiversity: it contains over 100 different species of birds, 400 plant species and three endangered primates—the golden cat, chimpanzee and gorilla—all within just 2 square miles!

2. Lake Nyos

Lake Nyos is a crater lake in the volcanic area of Cameroon. It is located in the Adamawa Region, about 100 km from Bafoussam and about 100 km from Maroua. The lake has been known to have volcanic events that have killed people, but it also offers some beautiful sights for tourists.

The water level can rise quickly during rainy seasons and fall rapidly during dry ones, so it’s best to check before visiting if you want to go there during those times (as well as other times).

3. Korup National Park

Korup National Park is a rainforest in South West Cameroon. This park is home to many endangered species, including the pygmy hippopotamus and drill. The park is located in the Western High Plains of Cameroon and it’s known for its lush vegetation and animal life.

Korup National Park has been designated as an International Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO since 1977. It was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco on December 8th, 1989 due to its unique geology, climate, flora, and fauna.[1]

4. Bana Hills

The Bana Hills are a mountain range in the Western High Plateau of Cameroon. They are located in the Bamenda Grassfields, which are part of the Cameroon Mountain Range. The Bana Hills is a popular tourist destination and can be accessed by car or minibus taxi from Bamenda city (2 hours).

5. Mefou and Afamba Sanctuary

The Mefou and Afamba Sanctuary are located in the Northwest Region of Cameroon, home to the Baka people.  The sanctuary is known for its rich biodiversity and species diversity, including many butterflies, birds, and other animals that live there. It’s also a good place for you to experience nature at its finest!

The sanctuary has been declared one of the world’s largest butterfly sanctuaries with over 3200 species of insects living there.

If you want to see something even more impressive than all those colorful wings fluttering around in unison then head out into the forest on foot or by bicycle (or even horseback) where you may come across some pretty spectacular scenery as well as some rare animals like elephants or lions if they happen upon your path while exploring their natural habitat!

If you are interested in learning more about this beautiful park then we recommend checking out our article titled “10 Best Places To Visit In Cameroon” where we tell all about what makes these places so special – including what activities tourists can enjoy while visiting them!

6. Mount Cameroon

Mount Cameroon is the highest mountain in Cameroon and it’s part of the volcanic mountain range that runs through Africa. It was once a sacred place for the local people, who used it for religious ceremonies. The mountain has nine peaks, but only one main peak: Mount Savou (2,972 m).

Mountains like this one are rare in Africa because they usually have thick rainforests on their slopes or at least vegetation cover around them.  This means that many animals can live there without being disturbed by humans; they’re also good places to look for plants that scientists want to study further.

7. Lobe Falls

Lobe Falls is located in the South West Region of Cameroon and is on the Sanaga River. It is a tributary of the Congo River, which flows through western Africa. The falls are about 80 meters high and there are two major falls, called “Lobe” (French for lobe) and “Tchoutchoum”, though they are not as impressive as their name suggests.

The first thing you’ll notice when planning your trip here is that most people come during school holidays or weekends so they can enjoy their time at this beautiful spot without having to worry about crowds or traffic jams!

8. Benoue National Park

Benoue National Park is a protected area in Cameroon. It is home to many species of animals, including elephants, gorillas, and chimpanzees as well as leopards. The park also contains the rare pygmy hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius).

Benoue National Park was established in 1963 by the government of Cameroon with support from UNESCO.  The park covers an area of 751 square kilometers and contains some 1,500 species of plants and animals including elephants, gorillas, and chimpanzees as well as leopards that roam freely throughout its forests.

9. Dja Faunal Reserve

Dja Faunal Reserve is located in the north of Cameroon, near the border with Nigeria. It’s an area full of wildlife and it’s one of the best places to see animals in this part of Africa. The reserve is home to many species including elephants, giraffes, lions, and leopards.

The park offers tours that include a guide leading you through different parts of the park on your vehicle or footpaths as well as canoeing trips on Lake Chad where you can see hippos swimming around! You also have hiking trails through thickly forested areas where many other animals like monkeys live too!

There are many activities available at Dja Faunal Reserve such as hiking on foot paths through dense forests with rare plants growing there; bird watching by boat across Lake Chad;

camping out under canvas tents provided by our guides who will show us some interesting facts about these regions while they take care not only ourselves but other tourists too during their stay here.

Cameroon is an amazing country and you’d be remiss to miss a visit.

There are many places to visit in Cameroon, including the capital city Yaoundé; the beautiful beaches of Douala; and the historical sites of Buea. Cameroon is a great place to visit on your trip around Africa!


So if you’re looking for a trip to Cameroon, this list of the top places should help you decide where to go and what to see. I hope you find it useful!

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